"Getting ready to move seemed like a big job. I did not know where to begin. Shannon helped me and in very little time we were able to do all the necessary sorting, purging and packing for the move. The move was smooth and stress-free. She saved me from what could have been a nightmare" Julie, Executive, Calgary, AB.

"My home office was a mess. I spent more time searching for lost items than networking for new clients. When Shannon came in to help, I was skeptical at first. All my anxiety dissolved when I realized how comfortable she made me feel. She is competent and even used humor when I felt down about the situation" Donald, Salesman, Calgary, AB.

Thank you for the wonderful job you did for us. The thought of downsizing from our large family home to our new condo was overwhelming. We had 40 years worth of living in the old house. There was just so much we didn’t need anymore. Our children are now in their 50’s. They certainly didn’t need the burden of our stuff and we didn’t want to make work for them later. Shannon, you helped us sort through the years. We are so pleased to have sentimental things from our past. Our children have their treasures too – now at their house. You helped us to find new homes for all the things we didn’t need anymore, but were still useful for someone else. We love our new condo and feel so organized, you have found the perfect Place for Everything. Warmest Regards, Mr. & Mrs. J. Nelson, Calgary, AB.

As a working mother with four growing children, our house was drowning with too much stuff. My basement was overflowing with no longer used children’s toys and heaps and heaps of clothes we no longer needed. Thank you Shannon, for stepping in and getting all that stuff out of here. We now have a wonderfully organized basement. Helen B, Calgary, AB

I love my new closet!!! I smile while I go to get dressed in the morning. I can see everything, it’s so neat and tidy. It’s a great start to my day. Hats off to A Place for Everything! Karen J, Bragg Creek. AB